Blog Post 114

Inside Look at ReadyCare's FREE Custom Shower Dispenser Program

Custom shower dispensers are an attractive, organized way for clubs & spas to deliver a better experience in the locker room and reinforce their brand at the same time. With our “FREE Custom Shower Dispenser Program”, you can jump start your ReadyCare relationship and take advantage of our great design team to create a custom bottle that you can be proud to display. Check out some of the cutting-edge designs we've developed for club & spa properties just like yours. (View Custom Shower Dispenser Gallery).

How Does The Program Work?
ReadyCare will provide FREE custom shower dispenser setups (custom printed bottles, pump tops & dispenser brackets) for each of your locker room showers if you agree to let us supply your bulk shower liquids (shampoo, conditioner & body wash) for one year. With many different liquid brands & fragrances to choose from, you’ll be sure to find something that will not only please your members & guests, but will also work within your budget. This is a special, one-time offer and any future updgrades or additional bottle purchases will be subject to your specific customer pricing and minimum order requirements.

What Are The Program Benefits?
The benefits of our “FREE Custom Shower Dispenser Program” are numerous and pretty impressive. First, you'll get a time-tested shower dispenser system that retains its professional look for years and has fans in thousands of clubs & spas around the world. Second, you can manage your inventory better as our pump tops dispense just the right amount of needed product. Third, your maintenance staff will love how convenient our dispensers are to refill and clean. Best of all, you'll be reinforcing your brand in the locker room, a place where members & guests often start and end their visit.

Contact ReadyCare or your account manager to see if our FREE Custom Shower Dispenser Program makes sense for your club or spa. We look forward to discussing your options.