Sciote Body Lotion, Bulk

Luxurious but affordable line of personal care products that deeply nourish and replenish skin and hair to perfection using the wonders of nature. Made with pure, locally-sourced ingredients. 3 fragrance options.

Gira Sole: crisp and clean notes of Yuzu, Grapefruit and Italian Blood Orange with a hint of Red Ginger and Green Tea

Positano: rich and luscious notes of Red Currant, Italian Thyme and Cassis with a hint of Lime and Black Tea

Taormina: fresh and sweet notes of Pomegranate, Sweet Pea and Italian Orange Blossom with a hint of Neroli and Red Tea

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Sciote Body Lotion, Positano, 4 Gallon/Case
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Sciote Body Lotion, Taormina, 4 Gallon Case
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