While our marketing materials often feature our products, it’s the people on the ReadyCare team that make things happen for our customers. Here are six of our 75+ employees who highlight what ReadyCare is all about.

Russ - Director of Quality Assurance

With 20+ years of quality experience, we were excited to add Russ to the team to support our Dedication-to-Quality Program. Russ and his team ensure that the ingredients we receive from our suppliers and the final products going out to our customers always adhere to our extremely high quality standards. Russ is a firm believer in “making things right” and this attitude not only benefits our customers but also helps Russ excel as a musician in two local rock bands: Sonic Burn and Reactor. High-quality personal care products and high-quality music are an interesting combination, but it seems to work for Russ.  

Karen - Account Manager, Hotel & Spa

Karen has worked at ReadyCare for over 16 years and she’s done her part to shape how the company has evolved over the years. She loves coming into work because every day is a completely new adventure. Especially working with our international customers where she has to navigate different languages, cultures and shipping requirements. It’s extremely exciting but also exhausting so on her down time, Karen likes to relax with her husband and two cats, Elsa & Otto. Does Karen use ReadyCare products at home? You bet she does…..   Body Eclipse Cocomango Body Lotion every day.

Paul - Regional Vice President, Hotel & Spa

Paul has been with ReadyCare for over 9 years and covers our Florida & Caribbean territory. Having previously been a Spa Director for over two decades and a ReadyCare customer for much of that time, he can definitely understand our customers and help them find the right personal care solutions. Paul really likes to engage with his customers, dig into their businesses and offer up innovative solutions to their most pressing problems. Paul’s definitely a hard worker, but his humor & good nature are what keep customers coming back for more.  

Schuyler - Shipping Supervisor

Schuyler and the rest of our shipping team are an important part of the experience we deliver to customers. When hundreds of orders are packed well, ship right and show up on time each day, life is good for everyone. It’s a complex job with many variables to manage, but Schuyler handles it with the ease of a true professional. It’s not surprising that Schuyler’s skills translate well into the chess world, where he likes to play with his son & friends. ReadyCare is lucky to have Schuyler on our team for the past 11 years and customers feel the positive impact from his great work on a daily basis. 

Jeremiah - Account Manager, Health & Golf Club

Jeremiah is a rising star on our Health Club team and customers love working with him. With over a decade of ReadyCare experience under his belt, Jeremiah decided to switch from operations to sales, and use his extensive product knowledge to help our customers be successful. His ability to quickly assess needs and opportunities helps Jeremiah guide customers to the perfect product for their specific situation. These quick analysis skills also serve Jeremiah well as a tournament bass fisherman on the Colorado State Team where he needs to analyze changing water & weather conditions to be successful.