ReadyCare Answers to Your Top Private Label Questions

ReadyCare is proud to offer private label solutions to hotels, spas and fitness centers looking to provide their guests with brand-exclusive, premium-quality amenities that reflect each property’s unique personality. Our line of customizable personal care products give you the ability to set the tone for the experience you want your clients to have each time they visit.

Here are some of our most frequently-asked questions about private label usage and how ReadyCare can help your facility achieve its goal of standing out against the competition.

Where does private label work best?

ReadyCare - While private label can be used effectively in a variety of facilities in the hospitality and wellness industries, we tend to see the most positive results in larger hotels or resorts with on-site spa services. Using an exclusive line of private label products in each hotel room inspires guests to check out the spa and fitness center during their stay. If hotel and spa guests fall in love with your line of private label amenities, they can even purchase a bottle or two to take home with them! Having health and beauty products that are only available through your hotel or spa is a great way to give clients the VIP treatment while cementing the message that your brand is as unique as they are!

Which private label fragrances are among your most popular?

ReadyCare - Citrus blends and green tea lemongrass have been extremely popular for the last few years, but we are also beginning to see a trend toward more subtle fragrances. The fragrance your facility chooses should speak to your overall brand and message, and give off the right “vibe” you are trying to send to your target market. For example, a hip new health and wellness facility targeted at twentysomethings may have a better experience with fresh, youthful scents while a more conservative client base may prefer products with a more understated fragrance. Your ReadyCare representative can help you make a choice that fits your brand and objectives

What private label products sell the best at retail level?

ReadyCare - ReadyCare highly recommends that properties initially focus their private label retail efforts on body care products such as body lotion, body wash and shower gel. Not only can these products be easily sampled in the locker room by guests, but they also promote your signature scents, which can build brand awareness and allegiance for your facility as well as your private label selections.

ReadyCare is happy to help your facility develop a private label program that can set it apart from the rest of the pack. Contact your ReadyCare representative today to learn more about private label and get started on the process of creating your signature line of health and beauty products.