Can Individually-Wrapped Razors Keep My Guests Happy?

High quality locker room amenities can help take the customer experience you deliver to the next level. When you present options like individually-wrapped razors, you’re showing that you care about the convenience, health & well-being of your customers.

What’s the value of individually-wrapped razors?

When a guest sets foot in your club or spa’s locker room, he or she should immediately feel at home, with all the necessary amenities for the best possible experience. Individually-wrapped disposable razors add a touch of elegance and class by ensuring that the product is sanitary and safe for use. Your customers will feel like VIPs each time they shave with high-quality, disposable single-use razors that are individually wrapped for their protection, which will reflect positively on both your property and your brand.

Can switching to individually-wrapped razors work for my property?

When you choose to offer individually-wrapped razors as one of your locker room amenities, you are placing your club or spa on a higher, more exclusive tier, which will resonate with your customers and create a sense of brand loyalty. Not only do guests feel more valued when presented with exclusive locker room amenities, but they wish to feel that way again and again, which translates to higher retention rates and more positive impressions of your property by first-time guests. Even if you choose to offer individually-wrapped razors for a small fee in a dispenser, guests will still appreciate the thoughtfulness of an option that is not always available in other locker rooms.

ReadyCare is proud to offer an individually-wrapped option for many of our popular razors and your account manager is happy to discuss whether or not individually-wrapped razors are right for your property’s locker room.