Top 10 Pure Fiji Products in 2017

Pure Fiji, ReadyCare’s premier line of hair & body care products straight from the South Pacific, recently released its Top 10 list of best-sellers for the past year. Made from unique blends of nourishing, hydrating oils and island botanicals, Pure Fiji continues to raise the bar with its intoxicatingly aromatic, award-winning lotions, soaps, oils and scrubs. Each of these quality products are specially designed to bring out the skin’s natural beauty.

#1 - Pure Fiji Hydrating Body Lotion, Coconut
Exotic nut extracts and fresh coconut milk combine to make Pure Fiji’s top seller for 2017. The coconut hydrating body lotion not only absorbs quickly to nourish skin for that island glow, but its natural coconut fragrance is completely out of this world!

#2 - Pure Fiji Body Butter, Coconut
Keeping with the coconut theme, number two on the list is Pure Fiji’s luxurious body butter. Say goodbye to dull, dry skin instantly with this silky-smooth, ultra-moisturizing cream formulated from a unique natural blend of ingredients, including cold-pressed coconut, macadamia, dilo and sikeci oils. Needless to say, it smells as amazing as it feels!

#3 - Pure Fiji Sugar Rub, Coconut
Your clients will love this delightfully aromatic, exfoliating sugar rub that leaves rough skin patches in the dust! This rub uses traditional South Pacific ingredients such as raw sugar cane, cold-pressed virgin coconut, dilo, macadamia and sikeci nut oils to create a natural body polishing treatment sure to leave your favorite clients glowing!

#4 - Pure Fiji Exotic Oil, Coconut
Let your clients take a trip to the South Pacific without ever getting on a plane, thanks to this nourishing blend of naturally-occurring island botanicals. Whether used as a massage oil, skin moisturizer or bath oil, your clients will love its smooth texture and delicious fragrance.

#5 - Pure Fiji Hydrating Body Lotion, Coconut Milk & Honey
Pure Fiji’s top-selling hydrating body lotion comes in a variety of amazing aromas, and this delightful Coconut Milk & Honey fragrance is no exception! It offers the nourishing hydration that dry skin craves along with the feeling of being transported to a beautiful island beach. Pure Fiji Hydrating Body Lotion is like a vacation in a bottle!

#6 - Pure Fiji Hydrating Body Lotion, Guava
Get ready to get your guava on! Pure Fiji’s award-winning formula is also available in the wildly popular, highly aromatic guava fragrance. Your clients will thank you for this nourishing blend of natural botanicals, and they’ll love the fruity-smelling essence of the South Pacific that offers a little touch of summer all year long!

#7 - Pure Fiji Spa Box, Coconut
Who says you have to choose? A spa box from Pure Fiji is the perfect way for your clients to sample a variety of luxurious high-end beauty products from Pure Fiji and choose their favorites. The exclusive Pure Fiji Coconut Spa Box contains fun-size bottles of Hydrating Lotion, Nourishing Exotic Oil, Body Butter and Sugar Rub, all in Pure Fiji’s irresistible signature Coconut fragrance. It's also a great gift for someone special!

#8 - Pure Fiji Hydrating Body Lotion, Noni
You may be asking yourself, “What the heck is Noni?” Pure Fiji’s hydrating body lotion can help you find out! Noni is a small evergreen tree historically found along the lava flows of Polynesia. Noni has been widely used as an aid in traditional health remedies, and its fruit is used to make exotic juices and teas. With Hydrating Body Lotion by Pure Fiji, your clients can experience the natural wonders of Noni for themselves!

#9 - Pure Fiji Spa Box, Guava
Sample all the amazing products Pure Fiji has to offer with a miniaturized array of goodies that helps rejuvenate and energize all day long! The light, fruity Guava fragrance brings the essence of the South Pacific to this little box of wonders straight from the islands! Pure Fiji’s Guava Spa Box includes Hydrating Lotion, Nourishing Exotic Oil, Body Butter and Sugar Rub. A perfect gift of decadent relaxation!

#10 - Pure Fiji Sugar Rub, Guava
Pamper your clients with a luxurious body polishing treatment using our Guava-scented sugar rub! Natural exfoliants such as raw sugar cane and a blend of exotic nut oils combine to create a one-of-a-kind experience!

Now your clients can experience the magic of the South Pacific! These relaxing, nourishing products offer natural skin hydration and luxurious island fragrances. They're a perfect addition to your spa treatment menu and can be a brisk-seller at your retail counter. Thanks to Pure Fiji, the island vacation doesn’t have to ever end! Explore our full lineup of Pure Fiji Products to see what you and your clients might be missing.