Vanity Cotton - Your Locker Room's Softer Side

After 30 years working with clubs & spas, we’ve learned that helping our customers do well in the 10 Locker Room Essentials (shower & vanity dispensers, bulk liquids, razors, shaving creams & aftershaves, vanity cotton & wipes, hair care, deodorant, dental care, feminine hygiene and steam & sauna) really makes a difference in the locker room experience they deliver.

Among the 10-Essentials, vanity cotton products & cosmetic wipes are some of the most important, yet least-often considered. After all, most club & spa managers may not spend a great deal of time thinking about cotton balls or swabs! However, having a supply of high quality cotton products on hand for member use helps enhance the overall impression of your locker rooms, not to mention provides your customers with convenience and comfort when they visit your property.

It’s time to take a look at the variety of vanity cotton products, and find out how your property can benefit from adding them to your locker room or upgrading your existing cotton offering to deliver for a more memorable experience.

Cotton Balls
If you think you know cotton balls, think again! They come in a variety of quality grades and sizes. ReadyCare proudly carries cotton balls from well-known brands including Classic, Degasa and Intrinsics that can exceed your members’ expectations while at the same time accommodating your budget.

Cotton Swabs
Perfect for a variety of personal care uses, cotton swabs can add a surprising amount of value in your locker room. In addition to the popular Q-Tips brand, ReadyCare carries cotton swabs from Classic, Degasa and Intrinsics. Show your members that you care about their locker room needs by providing this important locker room essential.

Cotton Rounds
When it comes to the application and removal of cosmetics, moisturizers and other specialty items formulated for the delicate facial area, nothing gets the job done like cotton rounds! Since members don’t necessarily expect cotton rounds to be readily available in their locker room, expect them to be floored by your property’s attention to detail! Sometimes it’s the little things like quality cotton rounds that make the biggest difference.

Cosmetic Wipes
ReadyCare’s line of vanity products also includes a variety of makeup remover wipes for members’ added convenience. We carry cosmetic wipes from Body Eclipse, Degasa and La Fresh (both bulk & individually wrapped options) in a range of price points to fit virtually any budget. Your clients will not only be delighted to find cosmetic wipes in your locker room, but will be impressed by the level of care your property shows when selecting amenities that help simplify their lives.

Vanity Cotton Containers
Not only do clubs & spas need to offer quality cotton products, they need to keep them organized and professionally displayed in their vanity areas. ReadyCare offers a variety of vanity organizers that help accomplish this task and many of these organizers can be custom private labeled with your property’s logo.

Vanity cotton products & cosmetic wipes may be small, but they can make a huge impact on the locker room satisfaction levels of your members & guests. Take advantage of ReadyCare’s 30 years of experience to help you select and display vanity cotton products that will meet your customers’ expectations.