Two ReadyCare Specialties Help Forbes Travel Guide’s 2018 Star Award Winners

Last month, Forbes Travel Guide released its 2018 Star Award Winners and we are pleased to see 15 ReadyCare in-room customers listed in the hotel category. In addition to supporting these great hotels in their spas, ReadyCare helps them deliver great experiences in their guest rooms using two of our specialties.

Custom In-Room Amenities
At ReadyCare, we have long believed that quality in-room amenities go a long way toward enhancing a property’s guest experience, building a positive brand association that delivers a competitive edge, and reinforcing guests’ positive connotations of a property with elegance & prestige. With over 30 years of custom private label experience, a team of gifted bottle designers & fragrance experts, and $2 million invested in silk-screening technology, our private label capabilities for custom amenities are second to none. ReadyCare takes great pride in helping hotels boost their level of sophistication, style and luxury so that guests feel welcome and comfortable during each hotel stay. Check out some of the innovative in-room amenity programs we’ve done for customers in our Custom Private Label Gallery.

Turn-Down Items & VIP Gifts
In addition to in-room amenities, ReadyCare is proud to provide unique turn-down gifts that can add an extra layer of luxury and class. Specialty items such as decadent bath salts, refreshing body mists and VIP gifts like a custom suncare kit can help hotels pamper guests during their stay. These little extras go a long way towards providing an unforgettable guest experience and doing well in the industry ratings.

ReadyCare can help your hotel develop a signature line of in-room amenities, turn-down items and VIP gifts that can only be found at your property. They will not only enhance your overall guest experience, but they’ll also reinforce your brand, and that helps your property stand out from the competition. If you'd like to talk about private label for your hotel, send us a quick note.