Protect Your Spa's Retail Sales from Internet Competition with Private Label

Your spa prides itself on being unique and delivering great guest experiences. Part of that commitment is offering high-quality products for retail sale so your valued guests can recreate their spa experience at home anytime they wish.

But what happens when your customers find out they can purchase similar products online at potentially lower costs? Thanks to Amazon and other online retailers, locating and purchasing spa products at the lowest possible price has become incredibly easy. While this is good news for consumers, retailers of spa products are finding their sales dwindling.

It’s clear that Amazon and other online retailers aren’t going anywhere, so what are spas to do to keep the retail aspect of their business healthy? More and more spas are choosing to create their own custom line of spa products that are exclusive to their brand and not available anywhere else. Guests who fall in love with the high quality and aromatic fragrances of a spa’s signature line may purchase these products only through the spa itself, which translates to increased retail sales and the elimination of online competition.

ReadyCare’s extensive private label capabilities are ideal for spas looking to create their own high-end line of products and our team loves helping spa owners select the right products, custom fragrances and well-designed packaging that best reflect their brand. Browse our private label retail gallery to see dozens of examples of beautifully crafted retail product lines that ReadyCare has created for spas across the globe.

With over 30 years of custom private label experience, ReadyCare knows how to translate the spirit of your spa’s brand into a one-of-a-kind line of spa products that can be used in the treatment room and offered for sale at your retail counter. So instead of competing head-to-head with online retailers, use the power of private label to protect your spa’s retail business.