What's Going On in the Eucalyptus Oil Market – Our Perspective

As you may have recently heard, the supply of eucalyptus oil has been impacted by several external factors over the past few years, causing changing market conditions. One of the industry experts we follow closely is Berje out of New Jersey which provides great monthly market updates on the global eucalyptus market.

To help us all understand just what’s happening, we’ve compiled answers to our customers most frequently-asked questions.

Where does eucalyptus oil come from?
We can't help but envision koalas and the outback when we first hear the word eucalyptus, but the eucalyptus tree has expanded its reach. In addition to Australia, eucalyptus trees are grown in Brazil, India, and China for the sole purpose of eucalyptus oil production. Eucalyptus oil is made through a process of drying, crushing, and distilling the oval-shaped leaves, to release the essential oil.

The beauty of versatility
One of the reasons this oil is so popular is because of its versatility.

Steam Room: Thanks to its decongestive properties, eucalyptus oil is often diffused in steam rooms and facial steamers to help open nasal passages and clear respiratory problems. Additionally, the pleasant, woodsy scent of eucalyptus oil enhances the experience by creating a relaxing, tranquil atmosphere.

Locker Room: Eucalyptus oil can also be used in locker rooms as a natural odor remover, as well as a disinfectant to help ward off bacterial and viral infections by killing airborne germs.

Body: The powerful essential oil is also quite popular in lotions as it helps to naturally ease the pain and soreness of muscles post-workout. It is also an important ingredient in many shampoos, conditioners, and body washes, as it acts as a natural, effective treatment for fungus, acne, dandruff, and other common skin conditions.

Are all eucalyptus oils created equal?
Not exactly; Cineole, a stimulant expectorant, is the main constituent of eucalyptus oil, as well as the indicator of purity. For an essential oil to be pure and effective, it must have a cineole grade of 70% or higher. For example, pharmaceutical grade eucalyptus oil has a cineole content of 80-85% making it 100% pure with no additives or fillers. 80-85% cineole ensures maximum effectiveness for therapeutic applications and uses. ReadyCare uses pharmaceutical grade 80/85 eucalyptus oil in all of its oils, both blended and 100%, which not only ensures that you are receiving the highest grade possible for your guests, but a little goes a long way when using a pure product allowing for savings down the road.

Why has the price of eucalyptus oil been increasing recently?
The recent surge in the price of products containing eucalyptus oil is largely due to environmental factors; specifically, the effects of climate change on eucalyptus crops in Australia, Brazil, China and India. Additionally, China has recently shut down thousands of factories in an attempt to reduce pollution. Since China is one of the leaders in eucalyptus oil production, this has impacted supply, resulting in the upswing in price.

But wait, what about the future?
While it is too soon to know whether eucalyptus oil pricing will stabilize, the decrease of supply has forced those involved to take a hard look at ways to preserve this incredible healing tree. As a result, we are seeing a rise in responsible, sustainable farming practices. Eucalyptus farms in India have introduced beehives to better propagate the tree, an innovative solution that creates an eco-friendly doubling of eucalyptus crops, as well as an increase in our rapidly-dwindling bee supply.

Do I need to choose between quality or affordable eucalyptus options?
Why choose one when you can have both. ReadyCare watches the market closely, working with its vast network of suppliers to ensure that they offer the highest quality eucalyptus oil products at the best price. For added savings, blended versions are becoming popular; ReadyCare offers blended versions using pharmaceutical grade oils, making ReadyCare the leader in the industry for both savings and quality.

If you have any questions or are interested in the variety of eucalyptus choices that ReadyCare has to offer, please contact your ReadyCare representative or Request Info