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Aromatherapy - Crisp, clean notes of citrus and red currant that will lift your spirits and clear your mind.

Apricot - Take yourself on a walk through the groves, this fresh yet delicate scent delivers a cheery, exotic experience.

Citrus - Crisp, fresh blend of grapefruit and botanical extracts; it’s wonderfully uplifting and invigorating.

Citrus Nectar - This crisp citrus aroma is a light clean scent reminiscent of freshly extracted fruit nectar.

Cocomango - Smooth, tropical delight! Island favorite reminiscent of sweet coconut with a hint of mango fruit.

Cucumber Melon - Cool and crisp with a touch of honeydew, it’s exhilarating aroma excites the senses.

Dewberry - This subtle and fruity blend of botanical extracts brings to mind fresh summer berries.

Eucalyptus - A combination of eucalyptus and botanical extracts creates a smooth, rejuvenating aroma.

Ginger Melon - A cool, sweet island oasis of fresh watermelon and spicy ginger, refreshing in any season.

Grapefruit Sage - The perfect combination of uplifting grapefruit and woodsy sage, designed for those who are looking for a fresh scent that is grounded with a soft spicy back note.

Green Tea Lemongrass - This distinctive, balanced blend with a hint of ginger creates a pleasantly relaxing, fresh scent.

Invigorating Mint - Staying true to its name, invigorating mint is a crisp, clean, eye opener sure to bring a boost to the day.

Lavender Mint - Treat yourself to this rejuvenating yet relaxing medley which soothes and calms.

Lemongrass Sage - A reviving air of clean lightness, balanced with peaceful, earthy nuances.

Mango - Created with botanical extracts reminiscent of juicy, ripe fruit picked fresh from the tree.

Pineapple Pear - Formulated with delightful botanicals, crisp green pear and a hint of tart sweetness, this aroma is irresistibly energizing.

Vanilla Ginger - : Pure indulgence; soothing vanilla and exotic ginger create a spicy, inviting aroma.

Fragrance Free - A fragrance free alternative for those with sensativities.

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