Pure Fiji AHA Perfecting Body Masque, Professional

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The AHA Perfecting masque is a cocktail of several fruit acids and salicylic acid. AHA’s diminish the thickness of the stratum corneum by reducing corneocyte cohesion. By this, the alpha hydroxy acids have a positive function in removing dead cells from the upper skin. Dead cells block the pores and hinder moisturization and hydration. The mild peeling effect followed by moisturization and hydration help in repairing damaged tissue, resulting in a fresh,brighter complexion.

  • Citric and Malic acid is a predominant fruit acid in citrus fruits
  • Lactic acid found in milk and plays an important role in the skin moisturizing mechanism.
  • Glycolic acid derived from sugarcane.
  • Salicylic acid a natural occurring phenolic acid found in the bark of several plants and trees having keratolytic properties.